Sunday, April 1, 2018

Beverly Maxfield of Bull's Eye Surf

There are quite a number of wonderful lady Owners and Admins in the JV world -- extremely capable -- one of which is Beverly Maxfield who owns and operates Bull's Eye Surf.

I have included Ms. Maxfield in the blog posts here because she's also an Admin who cared about what I wrote a few days ago, "For Val and Bob Underhill".

We're still waiting for further updates about the Underhills and I promised to update the Admins who expressed interest in helping, and yet here's Ms. Maxfield, still very open about helping out in her own, distinct way. Her simple and straightforward manner almost breathes of, "Name the day and I'm on it!"

Such things are rare in the marketing field. It's usually "dog-eat-dog" and that's where Marketers Unite aims to differ.

And I must tell you, I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback and response I got from most of the Admins I wrote to about the Underhill story. It plainly shows that there's still a whole bunch of kind-hearted and caring Owners and Admins -- who I've never even met in person -- and you can be sure they're here on my blog.

One of Beverly Maxfield's fantastic sites is Bull's Eye Surf -- where she has delivered over two million ads already.

That's a feat, considering this is a manual surf site and only a devoted Admin can encourage continuing discipline and enthusiasm from their members. There's really only one way to find out and that's to join her site and see for yourself how smartly she manages her site, asking everyone to participate. Just so you know, I've been a happy member of her site since 18 October 2018.

Remember that we said that we believe in "energy exchange"?  Well, that's what's expected of you when you do sign up at her site.

It's really all about give and take -- the new form of marketing now which has compassion and generosity in it. Gone are the days of selfish marketing. Gone are the days of greed. Gone are the days of just looking out for yourself. Marketing, with heart, is the new focus now.

Like Ms. Maxfield says in effect, "It's a surf site so we must all surf."

Let's help all help each other reach Ms. Maxfield's goal of reaching the next million -- it will be worth all the programs you intend to promote, too. Your sites will get the exposure it needs, under the capable helm of this lady Admin.

There's really no sitting on one's laurels -- she's living testimony of that. On and on we keep going -- together!

Join Bull's Eye Surf now and you will love and enjoy the experience of Ms. Maxfield's own brand of marketing.

P.S. It's EASTER today and Ms. Maxfield has got some cool "codes" for you to find on her site which will reward you with a banner and 100,000 credits, among other things. Members -- search now! Non-members -- it will be worth your while to JOIN this uber-cool surf site! I found four (4) codes lurking in there, but I ain't tellin' -- where's the fun in that? Go search now! Click on this link for starters. Oh, what glorious FUN!