Saturday, July 25, 2020

10 Traits of Good Mailers

Mailers are fun to use, especially if they have the following traits:

1. FREE to sign up in.
2. EASY to use.
3. FAST-loading sites.
4. LOTS of credits and a free ad pack.
5. OPPORTUNITY for earning.
6. ACTIVE members.
7. ON-SITE reading of mails option.
8. KIND and active admin.
9. LOW cash-out requirement.
10. PAYING admins.

We know of many such sites where upon signing up, you get lots of credits to use for your own mailing and advertising.

You also receive a FREE ad pack consisting of banners (468 x 60 and 125 x 125), solo ads, and text link ads.

We especially love simple sites where you get to use the credit mailer right away, or put out your banners, and text link ads, no matter if we're only given one each for the banner and text link ads.

Important thing is, you're able to mail, and advertise right away -- at no cost to you.

It takes faith to do marketing.

The admin trusts you will use their services (and maybe help grow their site by doing so), and you trust you're in a good place for your advertising. 

Many generous admins offer commissions to members who get other people to join on board, even if they're FREE members. 

Other admins only give commissions if your referrals upgrade or if they purchase an ad or service.

And if you have an active admin who promotes their site then you're in really great hands. More so if this admin is a kind and approachable person.

In turn, we members can promote their sites and make grateful use of their services.

It's good business sense to promote the sites as well as our own offers. In doing so, we propagate the life of both.

Marketing is always give and take and that makes everything so worthwhile. 

We like sites that give you huge credits to begin with and don't require you to read their mails, before you can send one of your own. 

We realize that upgrades are offered to spare you from having to read lots of mails or having them bombard your e-mail address, plus the many perks we all enjoy from upgrades.

Considerate admins give you an option of reading mails on-site so they don't clutter your already burping e-mail address. We are truly grateful for this gift and freedom.

We are also grateful for paying admins who don't have to be prompted to pay your commissions. 

Our other site, Band of Banners, has been actively researching, joining, and promoting FREE advertising sites since 17 September 2017. You can imagine the volume and frequency of sites we've encountered, used, and reviewed.

If you like mailers, here's a link showing generous mailers with active and caring admins. You will love using these.

Please help their membership base grow even more by promoting their sites, too.

Let's all grow together!

May we all succeed at this wonderful craft we're in!