Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mike Raday of Send My Solo

There's this wonderful Owner and Admin, Mike Raday, of Send My Solo -- a site I have been working a lot with for sending my ads and getting referrals.

I had been a member of Mr. Raday's site since 1 October 2017. You will be happy joining his wonderful site for he offers a sign-up BONUS of $5 plus 5 solos. As his site says, it will "jump start your income".

When I first started signing up on these JV sites in September of last year, there were only about four sites that offered a $5 sign-up bonus -- three were Mr. Raday's. It really gives you a head start if the Owners and Admins offer you such a generous gift. I suppose I was in the right place at the right time -- plain perfect timing and positioning.

I was really looking for good programs to promote and I found that creating a theme around that worked well in my marketing efforts. Thus, I created this particular tab on my Band of Banners blog and it's called, "$5 sign-up BONUS" and marketed like crazy. 

Of course, that particular tab had three of his programs which I will enumerate at the end of this article. But among the three programs, this always came out the winner:

Because I worked hard and creatively at promoting his sites, Mr. Raday offered me a grood deal on SJV upgrades. He was most kind, generous, and helpful. Working with his sites was a wonderful exercise for me in getting a bunch of referrals and getting paid for my efforts.

Even as he had other businesses, he was always on hand to approve our ads or to answer our questions promptly. I liked the fact that he believed in my advertising abilities, for I sure had to teach myself that since day one.

When you're a marketer -- new or a veteran -- you're always on your toes for new developments. There's no being complacent in marketing. Nope -- ever!

Send My Solo was excellent training ground for me in promoting my sites, Mr. Raday's sites, and in getting referrals. In fact, everything in this JV world and outside of that had shaped my marketing skills.

There's always loads of learning to be done and fortunately, all the Owners and Admins I've featured on this blog have been kind, generous, and patient -- precisely why they've been featured.

Like I said, they only reward hard workers. It's just fair to do that, for they often run many sites and have expenses of their own. When you're a marketer, you just keep creating and testing. There's no let-up in that.

I'll be forever grateful to Mr. Raday for giving me a head start in my promotions through his wonderful sites here:

Send My Solo
International Mails
Mail Away

It would be crazy not to join these three sites. You're getting a $5 head start after all, plus an opportunity to work with sites that are so user-friendly and rewards all members.

New article on deciding to sign up to Mr. Raday's sites.