Sunday, April 1, 2018

Brenda Underwood of Easy Surf Ads

I seem to see her everywhere -- at least where her mail and surf sites are. That's Brenda Underwood of the manual surf site, Easy Surf Ads, It will blow your mind to know that she's Owner and Admin of 30 sites, phew!

One really marvels at how she even manages to leave messages for the members, where there are surf-and-chat sessions considering she manages all those sites, but she sure does!

She's really kind, too. Upon receiving news of the Underhill story, she immediately helped in her own way and signed up at CEO Valerie Underhill's Build Viral site -- in silent support of her friend, for apparently she knows Mrs. Underhill.

I really marvel at all these Owners and Admins featured here at Marketers Unite -- at how creative and caring they are. 

I like the idea that while the Underhills were facing deep challenges, here we were sort of "holding the fort", at least until Mrs. Underhill gets back. I like stuff like that -- of doing things on your initiative and not asking for anything in return -- and yet, somehow, things come full circle. Weird, but it does.

Brenda Underwood says of Valerie Underhill:

"i have known Valerie forever, very sweet girl and person."

Of course, we hope all is well with the Underhills as we all go about our daily lives. Will update you soon as I get news from Mrs. Underhill as I am a member of her site, too. She will probably send us an e-mail.

I would really like to thank Ms. Underwood for heeding the call, no matter how busy she is and having her own share of pressing concerns.

I had signed up on her pretty site, Easy Surf Ads, on 8 September 2017. The header had a pretty lady in a two-piece bikini, intent on surfing. I wondered what happened to that cool header. It has now been replaced with this equally-cool banner image.

I love her sites, signed up on a lot of them, for they are fun, free, and easy sites. There are no hard and fast rules, except for the basic JV rules about propriety and solidarity. The rest of the time, you can enjoy promoting your programs and links using the credits, solos, FREE ad packs, and JV upgrades her 30 sites provide.

Click on this Easy Surf Ads link now and enjoy promoting your programs and her site. Others will enjoy being part of it, too!