Sunday, April 1, 2018

Robert Norton of Easy Ads

Robert Norton of the new Easy Ads is one of the most quiet and generous Owner/Admins I've known in the JV marketing arena. You will see many of his exciting sites around and wonder how he manages all those each day. If you've even been Admin for a day, you'd know what I mean.

And when you get to know how he responded immediately to my Underhill blog post of 26 March 2018, you'd be touched, too.

Mr. Norton wanted to donate to the Underhill fund but it seems the "campaign was complete and no more active". Of course, we're all hoping everything turned out alright for the Underhill family. The Admins and I had been working so hard to do what we can to extend whatever help was available from each one of us.

As a recourse, Mr. Norton decided instead (and brilliantly, too, like a couple more Owners and Admins) to merely sign up with Valerie Underhill's site, Build Viral, and he purchased some advertising as well.

And all these were done quietly and I only got to know about it when I logged in to my Build Viral account. In fact, it was only today I learned from Mr. Norton that he was the one who purchased advertising. 

I believe in the spirit of collective effort. Even as Mrs. Underhill has no idea of how we all banded together to help, the important thing is the intention -- the desire to help.

Mr. Norton runs many, many sites and yet he made time to stop by and see how he could help. He took the initiative, got creative, and I was truly happy to see that a well-known Owner and Admin didn't mind signing up under my link -- I, a mere member.

These are the wonderful stories that get me writing night and day. In fact, these are the real stories that matter. It's not so much what people put out there in the open when they conduct their business; it's more how they really are off the business side.

I signed up with Easy Ads today after a link given me by Mr. Norton. It's his latest baby and I must tell you that this is the first time I signed up to such a site and I found it vibrant and exciting -- the energy was almost palpable when you're wandering around the site, familiarizing yourself with the stuff in it.

Originally, I wanted to associate Mr. Norton with Solo Go, a cool and clear site I had signed up with on 7 October 2017, but the timely e-mail from Mr. Norton led to Easy Ads instead.

I don't mind. Any site from Mr. Norton rocks anyway. You'd feel the same way, too, I promise you. Start with these two sites and you will surely be led to other worthwhile Norton sites along the way.

Work with people who've got heart. That will pave the way for your own success -- with heart.

It's always about heart.

That's the whole objective of Marketers Unite.