Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mike Miller of Traffic Hearts

Another swift and concerned respondent to the Underhill post I wrote was Mike Miller of Traffic Hearts of whose site I was a member of since 14 August 2017.

He expressed his desire to help immediately. But again, that was his way for he's one of the most caring and active Admins on the JV sites. Oftentimes, I wonder how he manages to multi-task as he has so many sites to look after. It is just so fitting then that he is Admin of Traffic Hearts -- for he does have the heart for people and his work.

This is a man who writes several awesome blogs himself and promotes programs he honestly feels will help people. We marketers always want to test the programs first before we put it out in the market for others to join. We take great responsibility for such, that's why. We all know how difficult it is to find good programs that really deliver and so we keep at it. We only want you to have the best as always.

When you see this banner, then you know you've come to the right place:

Another wonderful thing about Mr. Miller is that he's generous with his advice for people like me, and I'm sure for others who are always open to learning. If he sees there's some good he can share and it will truly help others, he will do so in his gentle and non-invasive manner.

Of course, you always listen to those who have been on the field longer than you have -- only makes sense to do so if you don't have a proud bone in your body. You will want to view some of his links here where he has created marvelous blogs showing his sites. I've been a blogger for sometime now and I know the work that goes on in there. Please check these three highly-informative sites when you do have the time:

Mike Miller's Traffic Masters
Why People Fail Online and How to Become a Super Affiliate
Mike Miller's Super Solo Ads at LOW Prices