Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sunshine On Your Ads

Surely, everyone could use some sunshine on their ads.

Let Amazing Text Ads cheer you up as you put in your banners, text ad links, and mail, each day.

I thought I could whip up a storm, by writing all this lovely and user-friendly site's features, but only owner and admin, Rich Moyer, can really do that with thorough aplomb, so in his words, here are the amazing features of this amazing mailer and advertising sunny powerhouse:

A Full-Featured Text Ad Exchange.
This is not a Startup Site!

Site Features:
Earn Daily Credits - Login every Day and with one click  earn 123 to 456 credits.
Earn Credits when YOUR REFERRALS login.
Earn Credits when YOUR REFERRALS earn credits.

3 Mailers:
Credit Mail - Email up to full membership with credits you have earned.
List Mailer - Email Everyone that joins behind you!
Referral Mailer - Email YOUR REFERRALS!

Pro members can mail every 48 hours.
JV members can mail EVERY 24 hours!
SJV members can mail EVERY 12 hours!

3 Types of Solo Ads:
Contact Solos to the full membership.
HP Solos - get priority approval and delivery.
Set N Forget Solos - put your solo ads on autopilot.
Super Solo Ads.
Network Feeds SuperSolo Ads, Reaching over 8,000 Members Instantly!!
Lowest Allowable Price for SuperSolos. Bulk Discounts. 

After You Login:
Redeem Promo Code newmember for Huge Ad Pack
Redeem Promo Code peaksellingseason for a Free Lifetime JV

Upgrade to Lifetime SuperJV with the OTO
for only $10.00
Get a 10 Pack + 100,000 Points. 

To use the credit mailer:
No PTC, Direct Member to Member Payments, adult, offensive, pyramid schemes, chainletters or illegal ads.

Why Join and Promote a Growing Safelist like Amazing Text Ads?
► ACTIVE SJV Members Get Monthly Ad Packs (Value $39.45).
1  Solo.
2 Banners.
2 TextLinks.
► Active Safelist with ACTIVE MEMBERS and FRESH EYES.
► Growing Membership.
► Attentive Admin.
► Excellent Tools for promotion.
► Pay Using ORU Marketplace (ORU membership required)  or CoinPayments (debit/credit, Bitcoin, or Paypal).
► Great "early adopter" bargains and opportunities.
► Exclusive Value added Member Extras and benefits.
► Free Consulting (20+ years as a professional business consultant).

Did you know? 
► You can promote these sites by offering a free eCourse, marketing report, or ebook.  It costs you NOTHING. Pick one from Member Extras.  Invite people to get it by joining THIS SITE as a free member.
► Invite people to join by offering free promo codes (newmember).
► You can use everything in Referral Tools to promote this site.
► You can use the step-by-step process, resources, and Done-For-You ad copy I have provided. 

Told ya, only Mr. Moyer can whip up that storm of benefits! Of course, you know I created this Marketers Unite blog purposely to show how owners and admins help each other in giving us members wonderful service.

I am merely here to share with you the sites that rock and work, and definitely, Mr. Moyer knows his stuff!

I love documenting the generosity, and hard work, of all these admins, for I know how it is to be admin, too. 

Please join Mr. Moyer and I on Amazing Text Ads, and let a piece of the sunshine warm your heart, as well as energize your marketing programs.

Sign up is FREE.

Join Amazing Text Ads now, and start mailing and putting in your ads right away!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

3 Things Marketers Can Focus On During Tough Times

How is it going for you where you live?

I sincerely hope all is well for you and your family.

When usual sources of income are taken away from us, we have to survive, and get creative.

To my mind, we need to focus on these 3 things:

1. Keep your spirit up.
2. Have a few, good earners.
3. Get your advertising going.

All these are FREE methods, but the rewards will be great.

My heart, and my dashboard, tell me so.

Of course, the secret is in sharing.

What are marketers, but sharers?

But that's my list.

I'm keeping things simple, as the world's gone complex.

All because, I was first complex (with all my research), and have now gone simple (found the things that work).

Such is the stuff of life.

Hit and miss.

Trial and error.

Good luck, and GOD bless you, in all your efforts!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Cutting-Edge Tools For Your Digital Biz

How much do you welcome cutting-edge technology in your online marketing? 

Do you wish to dominate your niche or market? 

Are you open to help, from the world's most complete digital marketing platform?

Would you like to have the following, all in one place? 

-- Website and funnel platform
-- Blog and e-Commerce platform
-- Webinar platform
-- Mobile App Creator
-- Email Marketing platform
-- Facebook Chatbot
-- CRM 

If you are, then you're ready for these 30 + tools, which will make your marketing a breeze.

It will take your marketing to a new, upbeat level, making you proud of your own digital creation.

These tools will quickly, and easily, grow your online business.

Click this link to go on the cutting-edge of technology, from which many new leads and opportunities can spring from your business!

Also, you get 24/7 customer support!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Linda Hoknes and Her Vibrant Mailer

I've come to know Linda Hoknes last year, when she generously paid it forward for me on one of her programs.

She was very kind and patient and would send me emails, even if I was not able to pursue her program, as I was making sense of many other programs.

Perhaps, this article is to thank her for her kindness, patience, generosity, and her faith in me.

So, please allow me to up it a notch by inviting all of you to join her vibrant mailer, Linda's Free Mailer Plus, which gives FREE members the following benefits when you sign up: 

-- 3,000 credits every month.
-- Mail every 23 hours.
-- Mail up to 1,000 members each time.
-- Earn 20% commissions for sales.
-- FREE ad pack of credits, banners, and text link ads.

Gold and Platinum upgrades are available, if you wish to maximize your benefits and commissions, giving you an opportunity to earn up to 50% commissions!

Upgraded members can mail the whole list ANYTIME!

There is also no minimum cashout requirement, and you get quick payouts, in seven days, or less.

If you wish to join, click this link, confirm your email address, log in, and put in your ads.

Enter PROMO CODE: newmember, for 1,000 credits/1,000 long banners/1,000 text link ads/1,000 square banners. 

Everyone receives a monthly credit package, and signing up is FREE!

Right now, this site has 350 members, and that was quite fast, considering the site is very new, and just growing.

Let's all sign up, and promote her site which is lovingly-cared-for by Ms. Hoknes.

Thank you, everyone!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Four Fast Mailers From Ivan Golemdzhiyski

A respected owner and admin is Ivan Golemdzhiyski, even if I can barely spell his name.

Maybe that's why he signs up as Ivan G in his emails to us members.

I'm a member of four of his six mailer sites -- all beautifully-designed, easy to use, and entirely member-friendly.

You will love his initial offer upon sign up, giving you loads of credits for your first mailing.

Lots of people join his active sites, and many earn from his programs and their programs, so, his sites are true winners.

You will also appreciate how quick it is to read the mails as they download fast, for you are asked to read at least 10 mails, before putting out your own.

Of course, that's just plain good manners -- give and take in marketing.

Anyway, I'd like to invite you to sign up under me at these cool mailers that are so wonderful to use for promoting your programs:

1. Classic Solomailer
2. Viral Links PRO
3. Traffic Classic
4. Convert My Ads

Upgrade, if you can, for maximum results in your mailing efforts.

Sign up is FREE.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A CHRISTMAS Greeting From Marketers Unite

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Luke 2:11-14 (King James Version)

I'll keep this CHRISTMAS greeting short and sweet.

Marketers Unite wishes you all the Heart of CHRIST in you!

May you and your loved ones, continue to be inspired by the SAVIOR.

Last of all, thank you for making time to be here, and for reading my posts, sharing with you the best programs I know. 

GOD continue to bless all of you!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Leigh Ann Little's Downline Builder

I've always liked the image above which I found on the bottom of the page of Viral Mailer Downline Builder, a site owned and managed by Leigh Ann Little (take note of her visible e-mail address for when you do have questions).

I found the site sweet, cheerful, and feminine -- with a definite light touch -- but simply and beautifully designed, with greater focus on inviting you to put in your affiliate IDs on the site's downline builder.

I wrote an earlier post on another blog showing the benefits of joining her site, with that unique splash page showing 14 mailers you may be a member of.

It was such a cool and well-thought-out design, I simply had to write these posts on it, apart from experiencing the friendliness and accommodating manner of Ms. Little.

She was also included in another post on this same blog earlier today.

Because of that, I began to appreciate her site more -- as you will.

Click this link now and have a look at her site!