Monday, January 7, 2019

A Tale of Two Jasons

What happens when two Jasons become online marketers?

Great things happen, of course!

For one, they both created dynamic sites where both beginner and professional online marketers can enjoy promoting, learning, and earning from each other.

Their sites are such that you really have to sit down and uncover the treasures for these are peppered with many of those.

If you appreciate hardworking owners and admins, then you will like their sites.

If you like being active and love surprises, then you will enjoy being part of their group.

If you're focused on advertising your programs which you feel may be of value to your potential buyers and co-marketers, then you're in the right place with these two Jasons.

And if you're like us who sometimes gets confused with the volume of sites around as we do patient research, then you've found the right places to promote your programs.

So sometimes, we sign up, then we leave. Only to sign up again, then we stay. Mercifully, admins are a steady lot like these two Jasons who remain unperturbed by our seeming indecisiveness.

But now, on to the two Jasons:

That's Jason Oickle's site above.

Upon joining Viral Ads Unleashed, you are awarded 1,500 mailing credits so you can immediately send a solo ad to the members.

Free solo ads, free text ads, free link tracker, and many more tools are included on this ingenious site which was founded in 2008.

Of course, there's still much to discover on this unusual and yet deceptively-simple site and we're at it.

By now you'd be familiar with Jason Wise's Free Advertising For You.

This is the site where you can earn a PRO upgrade after fulfilling a certain amount of points.

We were happy that today, we finally accomplished that, as we began to enjoy the many benefits of this site.

We remember the excitement this site generated in 2017 and how that has not abated. On the contrary, it has accelerated.

Both sites are powerhouses in their own right.

Both Jasons are extremely hardworking admins who are on top of their craft.

As such, you have no recourse but to click the links below to view their sites and make that decision to join.

Everything will definitely be worth your while, we assure you. It took us a while to know that but like we said, we're here to stay with these two Jasons:

Viral Ads Unleashed
Free Advertising For You

Monday, December 31, 2018

2019's Going to be Great!

Marketers Unite is just nine months old this December 2018.

We had fun communicating with all of you, dear marketers.

Thank you for allowing us to feature you and your programs and for all the help you gave the Underhill couple in March 2018 -- the very reason why this blog was created in the first place.

We aim to make MU an even better blog and platform for your new and exciting programs.

We have more exciting plans for 2019 and will include you in all our undertakings.

Here's our love and best wishes for an even more productive and profitable year for you and your members!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Wishing All Love and Abundance

Thank you for being here each day, dear marketers! Without you, there'd be no blog, programs to find, join, share, or desire to write here.

Here's to another Christmas filled with love and abundance to you.

May all your efforts and programs bear wonderful fruit.

We at Marketer Unite will continue to share your exciting programs that will fill everyone's heart and pocket.

We will keep this short, too, as we know you have your own Christmas to celebrate in your part of the world.

And what is Christmas but for Christ in your heart, for yourself, and the people you love?

GOD bless all of you, wonderful marketers!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Band of Banners Turns 1 Today!

Band of Banners, the publisher of Marketers Unite, celebrates her first year today.

Founded on 17 September 2018, BOB continues to serve both members and owners and admins of all the membership sites she's got on her blog.

It took a lot of work to do all that and we're really glad we got to know all of you owners and admins along the way.

And because of that and from the need of one lady admin, we were able to create Marketers Unite, too, where we liked the idea of marketers helping each other.

We continue to look for new sites that are worth joining, putting ourselves in the shoes of potential members.

It's been one fun ride of finding such cool sites with the friendliest and most accommodating owners and admins like yourselves.

Thank you for creating awesome sites for all of us.

We shall continue supporting your efforts, too.

We all know the travails of being an owner and admin, and join you in gathering more members for your sites.

Again, thank you very much for being here with us on BOB's first birthday!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Funding a College Education

It's always wonderful to see families pitch in together so a member gets an education.

Such is the case of Taylor Brickhouse of Trenton, NJ, who's the daughter of Randy Brickhouse-Bey, a very active and accommodating Owner and Admin of Opal Solo Ads and many other sites. 

We featured Mr. Brickhouse-Bey last 27 March 2018 on this post

Father and daughter have spoken of a Trump policy that has affected funding to her education. As such, they both worked on continuing her education. Click on this link to see how they both created a way to do so.

Taylor's a very determined and focused young lady out to further and continue her education. She also has a T-shirt site where she created beautiful designs which are Spirit-inspired.
Both parents and daughter are driven by Spirit and good intentions and invite all of us to help the young lady continue her desire to finish college.

Please click on this link to go to her Go Fund Me page. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Bamboo Marketer

This post will take a momentary respite from ourselves as marketers and more focus on ourselves as human beings, taking a wonderful model from the humble bamboo plant, for nature has much to teach us anyway.

Please click on this link to rest your soul a moment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Romulus Valentin of 8 Hits

One of the most active and creative Owner/Admins I've ever encountered early on in internet marketing was Romulus Valentin from Romania, Owner/Admin of the dynamic 8 Hits site.

Mr. Valentin was one of those genuinely generous people who really cared what happened to his members.

I had been a member of 8 Hits since 6 August 2017 and have received quite a number of referrals, largely through Mr. Valentin's tireless promotion of his young site then.

I had discovered his site from some other website I was active with last year and was honestly intrigued by the compact design of his site, as well as the ability to earn from his ingenious 8-level matrix. 

It was a deceptively simple site but I appreciated it even more when Mr. Valentin wrote an update letter to all of us introducing himself as a programmer, too!

That figures!

Now, I know that all the improvements he created on his site were the product of extensive care, thought, and programming. I know several other Owner/Admins who are equipped with such talent, too, but I must say Mr. Valentin makes it a point to connect with his members every chance he can get, informing us of his improvements each time.

And what is online marketing after all but the establishing of connections among marketers, members, customers, and of the world at large?

I am truly a happy member of 8 Hits for Mr. Valentin showed many many times that he cares to listen to his members' suggestions. Better than that, he actually invites us to do so.

And you have to marvel at the speed he accomplishes this in following his member's suggestions, such as that time I thought 8 ads on the ad page would be more in consonance with the name of his site.

Right away, the wonderful Owner/Admin created the necessary programming to create such additions -- barely overnight. I was surprised at the speed and beauty of his work. You can click on this link to view what I speak of.

He is one, true master of "energy exchange". He has his way of thanking his members, perhaps also because he appreciates active participation. It's not only about taking, but also about giving. He knows when people care, too, and he rewards us for such.

And for that, I am grateful and honored to be a member of his site. I hope you do, too. Please click on this link to join us happy members!