Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Leigh Ann Little's Downline Builder

I've always liked the image above which I found on the bottom of the page of Viral Mailer Downline Builder, a site owned and managed by Leigh Ann Little (take note of her visible e-mail address for when you do have questions).

I found the site sweet, cheerful, and feminine -- with a definite light touch -- but simply and beautifully designed, with greater focus on inviting you to put in your affiliate IDs on the site's downline builder.

I wrote an earlier post on another blog showing the benefits of joining her site, with that unique splash page showing 14 mailers you may be a member of.

It was such a cool and well-thought-out design, I simply had to write these posts on it, apart from experiencing the friendliness and accommodating manner of Ms. Little.

She was also included in another post on this same blog earlier today.

Because of that, I began to appreciate her site more -- as you will.

Click this link now and have a look at her site!