Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Couple and Their Rebecca's Gifts and Home Decor Site

If you are a member of Tom Witt's mail and surf sites, you'd see this particular banner a lot, and being the inquisitive journalist, I asked more about it.

Mr. Witt created it for his wife, Rebecca, and here's his own story about it:
Yes the Rebecca's Gifts is mine, that is my main site and the reason for the resurrection of DragBusHits after 11yrs. and all my other sites.

I started Rebecca\'s Gifts and named it after my wife and I was searching for old admins that I had been in business with 11yrs. ago with my advertising site dragbushits.com. And that is why I got back into the advertising sites, I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed it and once I bought one I couldn't stop!

I try to be the best admin I can and be responsive to my members by approving their ads as quickly as I can.

Rebecca's Gifts is my a dream that I've had for many yrs. and I try very hard to get the word out about it. It is a really awesome site that people can buy nice items from. I specialize in home decor items & hammocks (my favorite item).

I just want to leave a legacy for my kids and a way for Rebecca to be taken care of when I\'m no longer around. And to offer people an honest business that they can enjoy and feel comfortable with when they buy.
Here's a wonderful photo of the Witt family showing eldest son Joshua, his mom Rebecca, and dad Tom. Not shown is the youngest son, Jacob.

It will be worth your while to check this wonderful site created by Mr. Witt for his beloved Rebecca. If you love cozy stuff and appreciate simple, relaxed living done with a natural flair, you will surely enjoy Rebecca's Gifts and Home Decor

Mr. Witt's happy fellow here's happy to tell you that they're accepting PayPal -- just so you know!