Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Romulus Valentin of 8 Hits

One of the most active and creative Owner/Admins I've ever encountered early on in internet marketing was Romulus Valentin from Romania, Owner/Admin of the dynamic 8 Hits site.

Mr. Valentin was one of those genuinely generous people who really cared what happened to his members.

I had been a member of 8 Hits since 6 August 2017 and have received quite a number of referrals, largely through Mr. Valentin's tireless promotion of his young site then.

I had discovered his site from some other website I was active with last year and was honestly intrigued by the compact design of his site, as well as the ability to earn from his ingenious 8-level matrix. 

It was a deceptively simple site but I appreciated it even more when Mr. Valentin wrote an update letter to all of us introducing himself as a programmer, too!

That figures!

Now, I know that all the improvements he created on his site were the product of extensive care, thought, and programming. I know several other Owner/Admins who are equipped with such talent, too, but I must say Mr. Valentin makes it a point to connect with his members every chance he can get, informing us of his improvements each time.

And what is online marketing after all but the establishing of connections among marketers, members, customers, and of the world at large?

I am truly a happy member of 8 Hits for Mr. Valentin showed many many times that he cares to listen to his members' suggestions. Better than that, he actually invites us to do so.

And you have to marvel at the speed he accomplishes this in following his member's suggestions, such as that time I thought 8 ads on the ad page would be more in consonance with the name of his site.

Right away, the wonderful Owner/Admin created the necessary programming to create such additions -- barely overnight. I was surprised at the speed and beauty of his work. You can click on this link to view what I speak of.

He is one, true master of "energy exchange". He has his way of thanking his members, perhaps also because he appreciates active participation. It's not only about taking, but also about giving. He knows when people care, too, and he rewards us for such.

And for that, I am grateful and honored to be a member of his site. I hope you do, too. Please click on this link to join us happy members!