Friday, March 30, 2018

Tom Witt of Drag Bus Hits

One of the first Admins who responded to my 26 March 2018 blog post, "For Val and Bob Underhill", was Tom Witt of Drag Bus Hits.

I am not surprised, for Mr. Witt is a very helpful and wonderful Admin. Right away, he shared my Underhill links on his many mail and surf sites. He was also the first one to support Valerie Underhill's Build Viral site by signing up as a member after I wrote many Owners and Admins about the Underhill plight. 

Of course, you will love joining his many sites as they welcome you with this unassuming but friendly figure:

Then you'd know it's a site to join -- a sight that is his trademark. 

Having been a member of these JV sites for six months now since September of last year, and being a writer, photojournalist, and communications and customer service lecturer, I always pay attention to how people serve each other. I also pay even greater attention to the tiny details that most people miss -- but I don't.

It is in these tiny details, such as the warm reception and pro-activity of many Admins to my Underhill blog post that made me create Marketers Unite. I somehow envisioned that it was but timely to create something that would unite all Marketers and Advertisers -- in fact, ALL people in business or positions of leadership who care to be united. 

And the most important thing was not only in making sales but in what does one do when one of us needs help? Who cares to find out? Who cares to find a solution? Who cares to get creative, in the absence of funds? Who cares to organize something that would aid ANY marketer in dire need?

When you can see something bigger than yourself you can only be moved and be in awe, and get to work immediately.

And I was not disappointed in my initial efforts. Randy Brickhouse-Bey of Opal Solo Ads, Tom Witt of Drag Bus Hits, and a few other Admins I will be featuring soon -- all cared to help the Underhill family in each their own way.

I had discovered Mr. Witt's awesome site last year and signed up as a member on 4 December 2017. It was going to be Christmas time and I wanted to prepare for the Prince of Peace and Mr. Witt's logo defined the spirit of Christmas and ideally, every day:

And since it is Holy Week 2018 now, even more appropriate to share the peace once again -- may we all abide by it. For those who love art and color and life, you will appreciate what he shares on the front page:

"This Dragbus is what inspired the website design."

What a beautiful, flaming piece of art!

You see, each Admin has their own trademark which I have already identified, whether through their site or through their demeanor. And that's what's exciting to write about -- at how we're all so different, and yet by our very diversity, there is unity.

May Marketers Unite reveal such things to you.