Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Randy Brickhouse-Bey of Opal Solo Ads

Marketing is all about instincts. That's something science can never map out. It's plainly relying on your gut feel, on your first instincts, which I did when I first signed up on Admin Randy Brickhouse-Bey's Opal Solo Ads. And boy, was I ever right!

This was on 24 September 2017. On Mr. Bey's site, I found that you can earn cash and credits from reading the mails. I also learned to put out banner ads and text link ads, as well as use the credit mailer and solo ads.

This inspired me to further improve my Band of Banners blog which I created on 17 September 2017. The initial objective was to research, join, and test sites that pay people for reading mails. I was there to show them where they can earn when they sign up for FREE. Not everyone starts out with money for an upgrade so I researched and tested hundreds of sites for my readers and potential referrals. Most of the owners and Admins were wonderful and were very kind and generous. You will find that out when you sign up under the sites I've included on my blog.

Why am I saying all these?

Well, it's always good to look back on how one started so you always keep on track. It was Mr. Bey's Opal Solo Ads that really got me going. 

It was a site that asked you for nothing and yet gave you everything. Most of the JV sites are like that anyway, but Mr. Bey's site stood out as you will see when you read further.

I got to know more about Mr. Bey's character as a person and as an Admin when I created this new blog you're reading now, Marketers Unite, from some urgent circumstances the other night.

Valerie Underhill, CEO of Build Viral, wrote us members about medical challenges her family were going through and would appreciate any help we could extend. Here she was with many concerns and yet she managed to put in an email for members of her site. I always pay attention to such things.

I thought to myself, "What can I do?" I had spent most of my money on my marketing efforts, but surely there was something I can do -- had to get creative.

This was the result of instant inspiration -- YES, I had to create a new blog and write about her -- and possibly about future needs of other Admins, or even just to acknowledge their kindness -- and I do have a lot of wonderful stories to tell.

You know how it is when you are driven by something bigger than yourself -- it's like a wave that comes at you and you have to ride it, lest you lose your initial inspiration and courage.

I rode that wave and Marketers Unite, espousing the cause of Val and Bob Underhill, was born. I worked till 1 a.m., writing all the Admins I knew until I could no more. To my mind, Valerie Underhill was CEO of a beautiful site. Why not ask the help of other Admins? That was the wave given me.

As luck would have it, many kind Admins responded -- following their own compass -- and I was deeply touched. I will be writing about these people in the next posts, but for now, I must extend my gratitude to Mr. Bey for sending emails and ads on 32 sites where I presume there'd be thousands of members, and here's what he wrote:

Peace and Prosperity
One of the members of my ad network created a blog page to help the Underhill family. They are going through a serious challenge right now. Please, just go to the page and read their story. Thank you!
Randy Brickhouse-Bey

He wrote the above material, including the links to my Underhill story, "For Val and Bob Underhill".

Marketers Unite is all about marketers helping each other. I believe in energy exchange. True marketers know about such stuff. When I first started Band of Banners blog, I aimed to give before I received. 

When I received such generosity and sensitivity from Mr. Bey yesterday and up to today, I immediately wanted to give a gift back. Well, here's the gift, this very blog post, plus another thing that matters to him a lot -- his daughter's project.

Please CLICK on this link to go to her positive TEE shirt site where you will find many wonderful, original designs from one so young and so talented. When you purchase something from her, you will help her with her college education. There's really something beautiful about young people now -- how brave and creative they are. But then again, I'm not surprised. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Mr. Bey is one, wonderful apple tree of an example!