Friday, May 29, 2020

Rock Star Mailers and Admins

Two years ago, I created Marketers Unite to connect all owners, admins, and online marketers so we can help each other out, for we're in this online business together. 

If email and solo ad marketing is your thing, then you'll love these sites, with active and caring admins. Sign up is FREE, and each mailer has been randomly listed according to script type.

Sign up now and receive a FREE ad pack of credits, banners, text link ads, even solo ads for your promotions!

Randy Brickhouse-Bey of Opal Solo Ads

Gary Wells of Solo Ad Now
Kenny Lessing of Real Time Script Store
Richard Moyer of Amazing Text Ads
Manuel Parra of Easy & Effective Promotion 
Eric Lafontaine of Cash System Mailer
Katrina Graham of Love My Solos
Daniel Baxter and Greg McClinchey of Mail Call Rocks
Sean Branagan of Thunderbirds Ads
Robert Norton of Solo Bonus

Marianne Myers of 1Profit Ring

Evija and Graham of Over the Rainbow Mailer

Greg Hickman of Results Mailer
Linda Hoknes of Linda's Free Mailer Plus
Edwin Bollemeijer of Edwin's Viral Mail Express
Marci Jones-Fritz of Jones-Fritz Marketing
Marty Petrizza of Mail This List
Daniel Baxter of Ads Infantry Mailer
Admin of My Robot Viral Maile
Janet Legere of Go Pro Mailer

Greg Hickman of Results Mailer
Tony Matthews of Atlas Safelist
Tish Snider of Cosmic Mails
Dave Beaman of Your Ad Station 

Daniel Lawson of Instant Business Mailer

Cheryl Gardner of Aquarian Mail
Paul Serban of Pizza Safelist Mailer
DiAna of  The Money List Mailer
Phil Banks of Proactive Mailer
Admin of European Safelist 
Michael Labonte of The Evolution Mailer

Doug Forbes of Land Marketing Mailer

Louise Deavin of Listbuilder Mayhem 

Dave Mosher of Ice Cream Mailer

Gayane Mandalyan of My Traffic Planet
Ron Holcomb of My Viral Ad Traffic
Jason Wise of Free Advertising For You 
Admin Greg of PJ Ads Exchange

Ivan Golemdzhiyski of Traffic Classic

Tony Tezak of Tezzer Mail

Sammy and Kenny Kolijn of List Impact
Barry Langdon of List Avail
Brian Zens of Mailsy
Brad Webb of SOTAM