Friday, July 10, 2020

Gary Wells and His Fearless Mailer

I've been a member of Gary Wells' Solo Ads Now for just over two months, and I've seen how the site has grown steadily, and fast!

I was so impressed at his fearless mailer, that I decided to write about it in April for another blog, soon as I signed up.

Why was I impressed?

Well, for starters, he allowed us to use his credit mailer, even if I was just his 22nd member then. 

Other admins wait to have us use that till they get 100 members, and that puzzles me.

As an active marketer and researcher, I find that a deterrent.

Fortunately, Mr. Wells didn't tamper with a good thing.

And now?

Well, the site has grown to 110 members, all because Mr. Wells promoted faithfully each day, offering a free SJV upgrade for a time.

After which, he shifted to the free JV upgrade, and now, it's PRO membership.

If you appreciate a well-run, active site for your mailings, banner, and text advertising, this is a site you absolutely have to join!

I've seen how Mr. Wells promoted the site each day, taking it upon himself to build the membership base.

Other owners and admins relied on us members to build their site, but Mr. Wells would have none of that.

He took responsibility right away.

As such, we members are having fun mailing and advertising on his easy-to-navigate site every single day.

The super fast manual surf clocks in at five seconds per site, also giving you a whopping 125 credits PER page.

Mr. Wells has a promo right now, wherein if you surf 100 pages, you earn 12,500 credits, as well as a BONUS of 7,000 credits for your time, and effort.

You'll find that's pretty easy to accomplish, for this cool, no-nonsense site delivers.

All you have to do is sign up for FREE, confirm your email address, and start mailing and advertising right away!

Bonus -- Use promo Code JUL20 to get an extra 5,000 credits, 5 extra solo ads, 5 extra HP solo ads, as well as 5 Banner ads, 5 extra button banners, and 5 extra text ads.

We're saying "extra" because upon sign up, you are already given the initial 1000 credits and FREE ad pack.

Click here now, and hit the ground running with Solo Ads Now!