Sunday, February 16, 2020

Linda Hoknes and Her Vibrant Mailer

I've come to know Linda Hoknes last year, when she generously paid it forward for me on one of her programs.

She was very kind and patient and would send me emails, even if I was not able to pursue her program, as I was making sense of many other programs.

Perhaps, this article is to thank her for her kindness, patience, generosity, and her faith in me.

So, please allow me to up it a notch by inviting all of you to join her vibrant mailer, Linda's Free Mailer Plus, which gives FREE members the following benefits when you sign up: 

-- 3,000 credits every month.
-- Mail every 23 hours.
-- Mail up to 1,000 members each time.
-- Earn 20% commissions for sales.
-- FREE ad pack of credits, banners, and text link ads.

Gold and Platinum upgrades are available, if you wish to maximize your benefits and commissions, giving you an opportunity to earn up to 50% commissions!

Upgraded members can mail the whole list ANYTIME!

There is also no minimum cashout requirement, and you get quick payouts, in seven days, or less.

If you wish to join, click this link, confirm your email address, log in, and put in your ads.

Enter PROMO CODE: newmember, for 1,000 credits/1,000 long banners/1,000 text link ads/1,000 square banners. 

Everyone receives a monthly credit package, and signing up is FREE!

Right now, this site has 350 members, and that was quite fast, considering the site is very new, and just growing.

Let's all sign up, and promote her site which is lovingly-cared-for by Ms. Hoknes.

Thank you, everyone!