Friday, August 21, 2020

Taking the Mystery Out of Mailing

It's no mystery that I like Mystery Ads.

For many various reasons.

First, it's beautiful.

Secondly, you get 2 advertising promo codes, other than the initial FREE ad pack already offered.

Third, it's so easy to use.

Fourth, admin IngaOz promotes her site, making sure you get eyes on your ads.

Fifth, there are many other benefits for you to check once you join, for FREE.

All you've got to do is sign up, confirm your e-mail address, log in, and start setting up your ads.

So very EASY! 

Those 2 promo codes are just there for the taking.

Every admin has their own ingenious style of making their members' sites seen, their mails read, and their members happy.

We must say IngaOz, being a savvy designer and marketer, has upped the craft of online marketing -- and all with a seemingly-simple, but well-thought-of site.

You have to join, to experience the unique IngaOz way of administering a mailer and surf site, and I assure you, it will be a marvelous marketing experience!

Sign up to receive the FREE ad pack of:

-- 250 credits
-- 3 long banners
-- 3 square banners
-- 3 text link ads

Find the 2 promo codes on site and you'll find yourself having over 3,000 credits for mailing, and more!

Of course, if you stay active each month, which is pretty easy with this beautiful site, you'll get more advertising credits.

Sign up here now!

P.S. If you've already got a website, or wish to have one designed -- banners, headers, footers, splash pages, and all -- the creative IngaOz can be reached here.