Sunday, January 12, 2020

Four Fast Mailers From Ivan Golemdzhiyski

A respected owner and admin is Ivan Golemdzhiyski, even if I can barely spell his name.

Maybe that's why he signs up as Ivan G in his emails to us members.

I'm a member of four of his six mailer sites -- all beautifully-designed, easy to use, and entirely member-friendly.

You will love his initial offer upon sign up, giving you loads of credits for your first mailing.

Lots of people join his active sites, and many earn from his programs and their programs, so, his sites are true winners.

You will also appreciate how quick it is to read the mails as they download fast, for you are asked to read at least 10 mails, before putting out your own.

Of course, that's just plain good manners -- give and take in marketing.

Anyway, I'd like to invite you to sign up under me at these cool mailers that are so wonderful to use for promoting your programs:

1. Classic Solomailer
2. Viral Links PRO
3. Traffic Classic
4. Convert My Ads

Upgrade, if you can, for maximum results in your mailing efforts.

Sign up is FREE.