Monday, January 7, 2019

A Tale of Two Jasons

What happens when two Jasons become online marketers?

Great things happen, of course!

For one, they both created dynamic sites where both beginner and professional online marketers can enjoy promoting, learning, and earning from each other.

Their sites are such that you really have to sit down and uncover the treasures for these are peppered with many of those.

If you appreciate hardworking owners and admins, then you will like their sites.

If you like being active and love surprises, then you will enjoy being part of their group.

If you're focused on advertising your programs which you feel may be of value to your potential buyers and co-marketers, then you're in the right place with these two Jasons.

And if you're like us who sometimes gets confused with the volume of sites around as we do patient research, then you've found the right places to promote your programs.

So sometimes, we sign up, then we leave. Only to sign up again, then we stay. Mercifully, admins are a steady lot like these two Jasons who remain unperturbed by our seeming indecisiveness.

But now, on to the two Jasons:

That's Jason Oickle's site above.

Upon joining Viral Ads Unleashed, you are awarded 1,500 mailing credits so you can immediately send a solo ad to the members.

Free solo ads, free text ads, free link tracker, and many more tools are included on this ingenious site which was founded in 2008.

Of course, there's still much to discover on this unusual and yet deceptively-simple site and we're at it.

By now you'd be familiar with Jason Wise's Free Advertising For You.

This is the site where you can earn a PRO upgrade after fulfilling a certain amount of points.

We were happy that today, we finally accomplished that, as we began to enjoy the many benefits of this site.

We remember the excitement this site generated in 2017 and how that has not abated. On the contrary, it has accelerated.

Both sites are powerhouses in their own right.

Both Jasons are extremely hardworking admins who are on top of their craft.

As such, you have no recourse but to click the links below to view their sites and make that decision to join.

Everything will definitely be worth your while, we assure you. It took us a while to know that but like we said, we're here to stay with these two Jasons:

Viral Ads Unleashed
Free Advertising For You