Monday, September 17, 2018

Band of Banners Turns 1 Today!

Band of Banners, the publisher of "Marketers Unite", celebrates her first year today.

Founded on 17 September 2017, BOB continues to serve both members and owners and admins of all the membership sites she's got on her blog.

It took a lot of work to do all that and we're really glad we got to know all of you owners and admins along the way.

And because of that and from the need of one lady admin, we were able to create Marketers Unite, too, where we liked the idea of marketers helping each other.

We continue to look for new sites that are worth joining, putting ourselves in the shoes of potential members.

It's been one fun ride of finding such cool sites with the friendliest and most accommodating owners and admins like yourselves.

Thank you for creating awesome sites for all of us.

We shall continue supporting your efforts, too.

We all know the travails of being an owner and admin, and join you in gathering more members for your sites.

Again, thank you very much for being here with us on BOB's first birthday!